Addie, my six year old daughter likes to make up songs and stories. A few months ago, she called me into our front room to show me something. She led me to a long piece of paper hanging on the wall that she had decorated with colorful drawings. Using her pictures, Addie told me the story of the sun and the moon. She explained that at first the sun and the moon did not like each other very much. Then one day, the moon noticed the sun helped the flowers grow and the sun noticed that the moon allowed people to see the stars. After that, the sun and the moon became best friends.

I was so impressed and inspired by her story, I decided to make it the basis for my next children’s book.Sun and Moontells the story of the way the sun and the moon became friends. Just like in Addie’s story, the sun and the moon don’t like each other much at first. They spend the day and night complaining about each other. One day the sun notices the qualities of the moon, and the moon discovers the benefits of the sun. Once they learn to appreciate each other, they become the best of friends.

While writing and illustratingSun and Moon,I wanted to maintain Addie’s original story idea and theme. I also tried to incorporate some of her personal style by designing the elements of the book to resemble the way she often rips paper into shapes and pastes it into place. After a couple of months, I surprised Addie with the finished book. She liked the story and the pictures and was excited to see her name on the cover. She also pointed out that I had embellished some of the story.

Whether it’s Addie’s succinct version or the book’s more elaborate approach, the core message ofSun and Moonis the same. Once we take time to discover and appreciate the value of each other, we quickly become friends.

Sun and Moon tells the story of how the Sun and Moon became the best of friends. For a long time Sun and Moon had only complaints against each. “When the Moon is out the flowers cannot grow,” the Sun declared. “It’s too hot when the Sun is out,” said the Moon. On and on these discussions went until one day the Sun began to see the qualities of the Moon and the Moon began to see the benefits of the Sun. Soon after Sun and Moon became the best of friends. Sun and Moon is a based on a story invented by my daughter, Addie. It is a story about friendship and seeing the good is each other.

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