The Literary Animals books are a unique series designed to expose children to classic literary stories during the earlier reading stages. Each book utilizes animals, drawings and humor to create kid-friendly versions of these classic stories while still maintaining key elements of the plot and themes. The Literary Animals series provides young children with a head start by allowing them to experience these timeless books in a fun way. This allows them to be more familiar with the elements of these important literary works when they encounter them later in life.

The Sun and Moon series features books about friendship, self-esteem and appreciating differences. It features the Sun and Moon as they learn about each other and their place within the world.

With the help of some of their other friends, Scat and Tiger learn important lessons about key financial concepts including selling, estimating, pricing, product cost, labor cost, gross profit and net profit. This fun and easy to read book uses the sandwich-making hijinks of these feline friends to teach kids about basic business math. .

The Learning Monsters encounter and overcome all sorts of social troubles such as yelling, being different and learning to ask for help.

Join Forest Friends Bear, Rabbit and Hair for two humorous and educational stories: Don’t Poke the Bear and Bear is Hangry. In the first book our trio learns the importance of keeping your hands to yourself. In the second, they find out that hungry and angry can sometimes go hand and hand. Forest Friendsbooks feature full color illustrations and rhyming verse designed for early readers and intended to be a fun read for parents and children alike.

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