Albert talks to all sorts of things....his car keys, the cell phone, a pair of reading glasses, even an unruly group of refrigerator magnets. Each thing has a perspective on the various aspects of Albert's life. His wallet is worried he spends too much. The stove thinks he should cook for himself more often. The lawnmower laments his crooked rows. 

He channels these conversations into his life's work of writing manuals for all sorts of devices. Albert's life is fairly comfortable and routine until he's given a new assignment writing the manual for a motor home. His life literally takes an unexpected turn and he finds himself out of his comfort zone and on the open road. 

It's up to Albert to cut through the chatter, determine the right choices and find his own voice."I couldn't put it down." - Albert's reading glasses."It was a fast and easy read." - Albert's car keys."A fascinating look into the human condition." - Albert's cell phone."A good value for the money." - Albert's wallet."The time is six forty-two." - Albert's watch.

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