Savanah is content to wander from town to town until she learns a dragon may be tormenting a small village called the Hollow. Reminded of her father’s misfortunes as king, she is convinced to join Manfred the Pretty Good Fairy on a quest to help the people of the village. 

Savanah and Manfred face many trials and make new friends on their journey to the Cinder Mountains. They’ll need to find their way through the Dark Forest and across the Lake of Ages, dealing with challenges such as the Witch of the Wood and the Bridge Troll.

Along the way Savanah, Manfred and their other companions discover things may not be as they seem and learn important lessons about themselves and the world around them.

The Wandering Princess is a new fairy tale for all ages featuring a strong female lead character and focusing on the importance of inclusion for all people. 

The book is a fun and engaging read for parents and children alike. With humor and themes that appeal to all ages, it’s a great book to read and experience with your children.

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